15/05/2018 10:55

Dear Lieve and Bernard,

Receive warm greetings from St. Kizito P/S. Thank you very much for your e-mail informing us how you reached home safely and how you are fairing. Here we are fine, some children went home for holidays but Grade seven remained behind for some remedial teaching. How are the other two couples you came with? Extend our greetings to them and thank them for all the gifts they gave us.

Thank you for your words of appreciation for what we are doing for the children but we feel you are doing more for these needy children because you are really giving them the best education which they could not achieve if you had not supported them. On this note, we thank God for your parental love and generiousity. May God continue rewarding you abundantly.

We wish to extend our sincere thanks to you for visiting us most especially the children who need your love. The moment you visit us, you bring them joy, happiness, protection, love, care to mention a few. Thank you also for the scholastic materials, mattresses, metalic boxes and all other basic needs you always provide them.

We also thank you for the laptop we received which is going to ease our work especially processing the examination for the children.

Greet all the sponsors of our children and tell them that we love them and we shall continue praying for you.

Sr. Goretti

Ga terug