Verslag  van Lieve en Bernard Imant – verblijf in Oeganda voorjaar 2019

20/02/2019 15:30

Een hartverwarmende mail van Sister Goretti, directrice van St Kizito School in Lira. Ze leidt één van de beste lagere scholen in het noorden van Oeganda en vangt nog steeds verschillende kinderen van ons programma op. Ieder jaar brengen we een bezoek aan de school, het weerzien is altijd mooi!

Dear Lieve and Bernard,
Warm greetings from St. Kizito Primary School. How are you and how is work? Hopefully you are fine. Here we are fine, children came back from holidays and they have resumed their studies. Your son Benard is fine, he is reading hard preparing for Mock examination due to take place at the end of this month. Thank you very much for touching his life and giving him joy and hope.

With great joy, happines and enthusiasm, kindly receive our cordial and heartfelt thanks for visiting us and for loving the children at large. I want to extend my sincere thanks to you for all the support you are giving to St. Kizito more especially to the needy children giving them holistic education for example paying school fees, giving them scholastic materials, providing beding materials and above all supporting the school by giving us computers and communication gadget. There is no way of saying thank you to you but we ask the good Lord to reward you aboundantly and to reward your generosity.

Your visit has been always giving us joy, happiness and courage. When the children being supported see you, they feel loved, protected and cared for. Thank you for fullfilling God's mission of love which you have extended to the needy people of Africa.
I wish to inform you that we have started constructing the permanent wall fence to address the poor security which has been a threat to the entire community of St. Kizito. The thugs had made many openings by cutting the chainlink fence and entering the school.
Here, there is some rain and crops are growing. Generally we are fine.
Greet all those who know us and may God continue to bless all your struggles.

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